"Michael Neely’s innovative virtual camera system allows the production team to visualize in real space and in real time exactly how a set will work for camera. This innovation gives the Director and DP great control and allows the Production Designer to deliver a set that works for every department – from camera to stunts to VFX. On top of that, the MIND GEAR STUDIOS virtual camera system helps the production save money and time by ensuring that everyone is going to be happy before construction actually begins.  Add to it that Michael is one of the kindest people in the business and you have a winning formula that will increase artistry, decrease cost and ensure a smooth process.  What more can you ask for??"
Jeremy Latcham - Producer, BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE


Our proprietary AR virtual camera system, MindsEye, allows directors and designers to explore sets, angles, lensing, action, and effects virtually, saving time and ultimately money in the pre-production process. We are working to expand our offerings for virtual production solutions, so contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is being used more and more every day. From health care to industrial equipment training, architectural and construction visualization to real estate marketing. Regardless of your project needs, we can work with your team to design and  produce your immersive project.

Augmented Reality

We design and develop enterprise AR solutions to solve problems, and we are always open to discuss custom tools and apps for your creative team and projects, as well as consulting with your company about integrating augmented reality into your business or marketing strategy.